Term life insurance needs vary by life stage and generation.

On average, the amount of replacement income needed is:

Gen Y (18-32)5.3 years
Gen X (33-48)7.6 years
Baby Boomers(49-67)6.7 years

At the moment, there is a significant COVERAGE GAP even for many Canadians who currently have existing term life insurance.

45% of Canadians feel they are underinsured and that they would need $259,000 of additional term life insurance. 1 Ouch!

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And with the coverage they do have, many may only have enough to cover their growing debt.

house one
house two
1 in 4
have $100,000 of debt or more. 1
house four

Which means many Canadian households remain at HIGH RISK.

2 in 3 households would have difficulty meeting everyday living expenses if the primary wage earner were to pass away. 1

But still… Canadians procrastinate.
3 million say that they MIGHT consider purchasing term life insurance in the next year. 1 What’s up with that?

Don’t be another statistic.

Get the right amount of coverage to help protect the people you love most. Get a recommendation today.

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1 LIMRA. “Canadian Billion Dollar Baby Revisited” 2014.