Term Life Insurance

by the numbers

What matters to you changes
at every stage of your life.

That’s why there’s life insurance.
The number of Canadian households with life Insurance is close to
7 in 10.1

seven out of ten houses

However, they only have enough coverage to replace their household income for 3.9 years. 1

The most popular term life product is Term 10. 2

bag of money

And the average coverage amount per term life policy is $462,000.3

Canadians have a lot to protect when it comes to keeping their family financially secure – especially at different life stages.

woman holding child
man holding house
a home
married couple
piggy bank
Change in financial situation 4

Life insurance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. With our simple-to-use Needs Calculator, you can determine the coverage that’s right for you. Get a recommendation today!

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