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Is saving money in your future?

See the good fortune in minor health care misfortunes
with CAA Health & Dental Insurance!

What’s in your misfortune cookies?

Not convinced by your misfortune cookies? It’s easy to pay last year’s lower rates and save on so many health care costs.
It takes just three simple steps.

step 1Get a quote.
step 2View plan details.
step 3Apply & save!

Pretty simple, huh?

If you need any help choosing the right plan, an advisor would be happy to help!

Call 1.888.334.4561

image showing options for 10% bundling savings


If you purchase a CAA Health & Dental Insurance plan and already have an active CAA Insurance plan, you can save 10% on your premiums for all of your CAA Health & Dental or CAA Term Life plans.**

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